Status: 14th Feb 2011

The release schedule for N8 PR1.1 is attached as an Excel file.

To check the Software Update availability for your phone, please first search for your country and then have a look for your specific productcode. (Your productcode information can be found by typing *#0000# on your N8.)

Status "Published" means that the software update is available for download
  • via your N8 (use Menu > Applications > SW Update > tick N8-00 Device Update and then follow the on screen prompts) or
  • via PC (connect your phone via USB and use OviSuite).
 If you need more instructions just post here and we'll assist you.

Status "In creation" means your version is currently with our software teams and we will release it in week07. We can't give a specific day here, but you can switch on the automatic software update check in your phone (via Menu > Applications > SW Update > Options > Settings > Auto-check for updates) and your N8 will prompt you as soon as the new software is available.

Head on to Nokia Support Discussions to know more and download the file.


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