As the title says, a bunch of HD games are available for FREE at the Ovi Store. Yes, they are full version games and not those annoying free but ad-supported version or a demo copy. Many people got confused thinking if this is just a bug or something else. However, one user at Daily Mobile writes that on Sweden, those free games have their own category called "Summer Game Gifts". So it means this is a promotion by Ovi / Nokia. I still have one question though, why are they not promoting their own promotion? Meh, nevermind. Just grab your phone and get all of thos HD games that have gone FREE! Look for the yellow ribbon on the game logo thumbnails at the Ovi Store, it's the sign.
Free HD Games List: (As of 18:36 May 3rd)
Angry Birds Rio
Worms HD
GT Racing: Motor Academy HD
Angry Birds Seasons
Fruit Ninja
Assassin's Creed™ HD
James Cameron's Avatar HD
Tetris HD
Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD
Monopoly Classic HD
The Settlers HD+
Hero of Sparta HD
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X HD+
PAC-MAN Championship Edition
Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD+
The Sims 3 HD
Farm Frenzy
Rally Master Pro
WSOP 3: Hole'em Legend FREE
Bounce Boing Battle

I will update this list if ever I find more. :)
NOTE: Only available on most European countries.

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