PayPal silently release their official application for Nokia phones today. It's free so it is supposed to be available worldwide, where Ovi Store is available. However, it is not. I think it's only available at Ovi Store in France.

"Send money to your friends, manage your account and more with the PayPal app. It's free and secure. You can request money from friends, split a check and also transfer money to your bank account."
The UI of the application is smooth. It's like the iOS version. It also has it's own portrait qwerty keyboard, although it looks somewhat odd, it still nice. By the waym this app is built on Java, not Symbian. It would be better if this is a native Symbian client. So go ahead and download it! I will try to add screenshots later.

We should see an eBay app next time. ;)

WARNING! The installer of this app is only 7kB but when installing, it will download another 1-2Mb of files from the internet. So you may want to use WLAN when downloading.

Ovi Store Link:
Available only in:
- France
- Canada
- Italy
- U.S.A.
- The Netherlands
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- Australia

Not available in:
- The Philippines
- Finland
- India

Please post a comment below with your country and phone model if it works or not.

Alternate Link:

I followed your link to the Ovi store, sent the link to my phone and install went smooth. I was impressed with how well the small qwerty keyboard worked, I made zero mistakes, and it has to be one of the cleanest, most professional apps I've seen.


sorry, I am in the USA and on a N8.


Working fine on my N8 in the UK

El Marko

I am in the U.S., running a Nokia N8. I downloaded the app (it's a JAD file) and installed it. It ran out to the Internet, to download a larger installation file (warning: if you're not on a wifi connection, this is going to hit your carrier's data plan). I'm out of reach of a wifi connection, so I've canceled the install, until I get to somewhere I can get free data access.


Works in the us, uk, fr, de, es, it, au, ca and nl.

El Marko

Yes, it definitely works in the U.S. Thanks, PayPal, for not forgetting us Symbian phone customers of yours (unlike so many other companies who pander to the "there's an app for that" mentality, but only for iOS and Android, then don't even offer a decent mobile web site).

Sam (US)

Pretty cool app!!! Simple, fast and I must say it looks very good considering the shit load of ugly looking apps we have on N8 and other Symbian phones. Almost at par with PayPal's Android and iPhones app.

Definitely saves me the hassles to login to the website and check my transaction history and Balance.

I would love to see a WP7 app as well :)


i am german, but live in finland -
woof, i dont get the app.

these kind of policies turn peaceful creatures of the forrests into rampaging vikings.

Can someone have mercy, and f*ing put that bloody jad somewhere outside ovi for download?




You may get it here:


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