On Navifirm Plus, the Nokia X7-00 (RM-707) already showed up since last few weeks. Today, I saw that it already has the final version of Symbian Anna for all of the X7 variants globally. The final version number is 021.013.
Click the image for full high-resolution version.
The Nokia X7 is already up for pre-order on many countries now and is pegged for end of June shipping. I guess Symbian Anna will be also rolled-out by the end of the month. I hope that the image that was circulating on many blogs is FAKE. No Q3 2011 roll-out please.

Oh by the way, can you see that last variant? It's for the Philippines! :D
6/4/2011 02:06:19 am

The schedule always been for mid June, never before.


Early summer is what I posted in Feb and stopped talking about PR2.0 after the same for that reason only.

As about Q3 that was posted on blogs.. it was for developers to tell that what they need to target in Q3 as till Q3 all Symbian^3 devices will get the update.

AFAIK.. Anna is coming for N8 before C7 this time or both will get the same together


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