Nokia N8 has an anodized aluminum body, which is pretty nice to prevent it from scratches. However, the anodized aluminum body itself is slippery when held with your hand and there is a high chance that you might drop it on the floor. There is a solution for this, Nokia created a silicon case called Nokia Silicone Cover CC-1005.

It comes in four different colors, which are blue, grey, lime and pink. If you have a dark grey Nokia N8 then you may want to get the grey silicone cover, or if want to change the looks of your N8, you may go for the blue, lime, or pink.
The silicone case has a good rubberized texture, giving you a better grip for your N8. It also doesn't get out of its shape, when you fold it, or crumple it, it will get back to it's original shape. The buttons are all covered. The micro SD card slot and the SIM card slot is also covered. It will require you to remove the case just to remove the memory card or the SIM card. Anyway, it stops the dust from entering the slots. The only parts that are exposed is the micro USB slot, HDMI slot, 3.5mm audio jack slot, charger slot and the wrist-strap hole, of course. On the back there is a replica of the Nseries logo. The camera part is covered too, and it's nice so the protruding part of the camera won't get scratched when you put the N8 on a surface. The only thing I don't like is it adds extra millimeters to the body of the N8. Anyway, you'll get used to it in some days.

Nokia Silicone Cover CC-1005 for Nokia N8 is available for purchase at Nokia Online Store US for $9.95, however, they are temporarily out-of-stock for this one. You can signup to be notified when it's available again though. You may also get it at my preferred eBay seller for only £5.25 (about $8.54) exclusive of shipping fees, just click here. Or if you're in the Philippines, just go to your nearest Nokia Store and ask if they have some stocks.
2/28/2011 05:47:08 pm

nice one..

3/8/2011 09:10:56 pm

Got myself a gray one last Monday. A must-have for N8 users.


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