Yesterday, February 7, 2011, Nokia released the PR1.1 (013.016) software update for the Nokia N8. If you haven't updated yet, just connect your N8 to your computer and open up Ovi Suite and then you will get a notification of a new update.

Here are the changelogs:
- New versions of Ovi Maps and Quick Office (editor version!)
- Easier access to Facebook, Twitter and RenRen
- Three cool games! (These will vary depending on your region)
- Slightly new UI in Task Manager, and About section of some apps.
- Vibration when you lock and unlock the phone using the lock key.
- New transition effect on Quickoffice.

And here are the apps that was updated:
You can update your phone via:
OTA - Dial *#0000# on your N8 dialer.
Ovi Suite

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