Nokia Beta Labs have released another update for the Ovi Maps 3.06. The latest update allow you to check-in to Foursquare and Qype. It also have a new feature. For now, you have the ability to add a public place!
  • New! Support for Foursquare and Qype! – check in to Foursquare as you check in with us and share where you’re at and what you’re up to on your favourite social networks. Our list keeps growing! You may need to match the place on Ovi for us to the corresponding one on Foursquare or Qype, but we’ll remember that link. Next time you check into the same place you won’t have to do that anymore.
  • New! Adding a public placeyou’re one Check in away from becoming mayor at your favorite coffee place but Ovi doesn’t know it yet? Add it with a few simple steps and you’re ready to Check in. Once it’s been reviewed everyone else will be able to find it in Maps, too.
Oh and you don't have to download the latest version of Ovi Maps 3.06. You will have to wait for up to 12 hours to get the new Social Networks fetched by your phone.

And here are the know issues for this update:
New Check in translations: Some languages contain fairly bad translations. We’re aware of issues in Greek, German and Finnish so far. Let us know if you see any other translations that don’t make sense!

New Qype check in: Qype has a 3-minute time limitation for a second checkin in that timeframe. If you don’t wait at least 3 minutes until your next check in, it will fail.

New Check in: If you’re trying to post to a location-based social network (Foursquare, Qype) and that network doesn’t know any places for the area your in, checking in will fail for that network with a generic error message. Retrying won’t help :-) we’re working on a more accurate error message for this case. Sometimes private check in fails and pressing the “Retry” button claims that all posts have gone through, even though nothing was posted after all.

New LiveJournal or Hyves: When you add a LiveJournal or Hyves account, only the username can be used (the text incorrectly claims that your email address also works).

New Doing your first Foursquare & Qype checkin: Please be aware that it might be the case that you have to wait up to 12 hours to get the new Social Networks fetched by your phone.

Head on at Nokia Beta Labs and give your feedback. It's important for them to improve Ovi Maps. ;)

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