Some of you may have already heard the news that Nokia has just released a new corporate font to be used. It's the Nokia Pure font.

"Nokia Pure has been designed for screen usage from the very beginning. Being human and neutral it works with all kinds of content. Because of the open, simple forms it can be used in smaller point sizes than the previous typeface without loss in legibility"
So how do you change your Nokia phone font to the new one? Just follow the instructions below.

These instructions is intended for use with Symbian^3 devices only. Don't try it on your Symbian^1 device or something wrong may happen.

1. First, download Nokia Pure font. Extract it and you'll get 4 font files.
2. If you have not yet installed Qt 4.7.2, get the required files here and install it on your Symbian^3 phone. CORE, WEBKIT, MOBILITY.
3. You must have a microSD card on your phone. If you have a Nokia E7, use the mass memory instead.
4. Browse the microSD card using your PC and look for the folder named Resource. If you don't see that folder, create one. Now, inside the Resource folder, create a new folder with the name Fonts. The folder path would be %drive%:\Resource\Fonts
5. Now, copy the 4 font files to %drive%:\Resource\Fonts.
6. Restart your phone and enjoy the new typeface! :)

I just did this steps on my N8 and it's pretty cool. I like the new fonts. However, there seems to be a bug on Ovi Store with Qt 4.7.2. Whenever you open Ovi Store, a scrollbar will appear on the right side of the screen. To remove it, rotate the phone to landscape mode, the scrollbar still there, and then rotate it again to portrait mode. It sucks!


In case you did not noticed in the recent news, Nokia released a minor firmware update for the Symbian^3 phones. It brings fix for Mail for Exchange sync issues that is mostly used by enterprise customers. The firmware version is 014.002. However, I noticed one thing, the phone reports that the software version 014.002 was built on March 1, 2011 and it was only released yesterday, March 22, 2011. So it took 22 days for Nokia to get this minor update out? Great. Then PR2.0 shouldn't be out any soon..

Quoting from Nokia Support Discussions....

" We have released a voluntarysoftware update for Nokia Symbian^3 smartphones primarily to address a synchronization issue identified in a limited  number of Nokia smartphones using Mail for Exchange on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Service Pack 1.

We listen to people’s feedback and continue to constantly improve the user experience of our smartphones with software updates.  While we are working to make available the next software version, which will provide a renewed user experience, including new browser, refreshed widgets and home screen as well as many other performance enhancements, we released this software to quickly resolve a potential issue affecting our business users.

The software update will be available through the on-the-device Software Update or using Ovi Suite. The roll-out schedule will be determined operator by operator, market by market."
You can update your phone via:
Nokia Software Updater
OTA - Dial *#0000# on your N8 dialer.
Ovi Suite
Just a head up folks! Nokia Philippines and Rustan's has partnered up and they are giving you a chance to win a shopping spree worth P50,000 at Rustan's Department Store. All you have to do is to buy a Nokia C7 at any participating Nokia and retail stores from March 11, 2011 to May 12, 2011 and get one raffle coupon. So if you are holding up to buy a Nokia C7, this is the perfect time to buy one! Reminder, for every 1 Nokia C7 you buy, you will get 1 raffle coupon. There will be 5 winners each week for 6 weeks until May 12. So get your Nokia C7 now and get a chance to win a shopping spree for yourself.
Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Rovio Mobile has already released the next Angry Birds Seasons episode, the Go Green, Get Lucky! If you already have Angry Birds Seasons, get the latest update by pressing the update button in the application's main menu.

"Angry Birds Seasons: Happy St. Patrick ’s Day! As we all know, every season is an Angry Birds season. Angry Birds Seasons returns with the greenest episode yet: Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day! Have a lucky St. Patrick’s Day by popping more pigs! We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everybody Happy St. Patrick’s Day, we hope you all enjoy going green! If you already have Angry Birds Seasons, get the latest update by pressing the update button in the application's main menu."

Ovi Store Link:

Price: $1.99
Yay! Finally after months - yes months - of waiting for the Hame 'Em High levels, here they are! Rovio Mobile, and Nokia, has just released the long awaited 1.5.3 update for the Angry Birds. It brings the complete - yeah complete - Ham 'Em High episode. Not like iOS and Android. This is the first time that an update is first released to the Symbian^3 version. Because as always, it first get to the App Store, then the Android Market, then to the Ovi Store.

This update brings 48 new Ham 'Em High levels and the new Bing & Decide feature which opens up your mobile browser and then redirects to bing mobile search engine.

To get the update, you must have the 1.4.3 version installed and then tap the update icon on the lower right portion of the main screen.

Enjoy flipping birds! :)
Ovi Store Link:
Price: $1.99
Smart Gold is now offering a pre-order for the Nokia E7 from today, March 15, 2011 until March 25, 2011. It will come free if you choose to signup on an Unlimited Data Plan P3000. You will also get a free DC-11K Power Charger with you pre-order. Expected pick up date is on April 9, 2011 at your preferred Smart Wireless Center.
UPDATE: Nokia E7 is FREE at Unlimited Data Plan P3000 and not P4000. I made a typo error. Sorry! :)
Smart Gold Pre-order Link:
Today, you can now pre-order your own Nokia E7 for P32,000 (approximately $730 USD, €525 EUR, and £455 GBP). Pre-order period is from today, March 14, 2011 up to March 22, 2011. Initially available colors will be Silver White and Dark Grey, no fancy colors for now. So if you want a Blue, Orange, or Green E7, you may want to pass on the pre-order.
Click this image to pre-order the Nokia E7 now.
So it seems PR2.0 will arrive in the next few weeks as a new firmware update was spotted on Nokia's servers. The new firmware is only available for the Nokia C7 (RM-691). Please bear in mind though that this version is not yet final, so it may have bugs and other errors. We should see this update soon on other Symbian^3 devices too.

Download Links:
T-Mobile US Frosty Metal Kitted V1 (059F8H2)

T-Mobile US Frosty Metal Demo Colour (059HOB6)
My Nokia Blog got a tip from Alberto showing a photo of an unannounced Nokia phone. It have a touch screen, a keypad, oh and it also slides up and down!
If the keypad is closed, the phone looks like the Nokia C5-03.

Nokia Philippines has already set-up a pre-order page for the most anticipated business smartphone of the year, the Nokia E7. It comes with a 4-inch ClearBlack Display AMOLED tocuh screen, a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 16GB of storage, 8 megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording and much more.
Oh, just like what Nokia Philippines did on the Nokia N8 pre-order, they are giving away FREE Nokia Extra Power DC-11K. If you remember, Nokia Philippines gave away FREE 16GB flash drive loaded with How I Met Your Mother episodes that you can watch on your N8 via USB On-the-Go.

I expect the Nokia E7 to retail at approximately P30,000 and above and you can get yours in the next few weeks.

UPDATE: Nokia E7 will have a SRP of P32,000 here in the Philippines. The preorder period will start on March 14, 2011 and will end on March 22, 2011. So we can expect the E7 to be generally available by the last week of March.

UPDATE 2: Nokia Philippines has told us that only the first 500 pre-order customers will get a free DC-11K and that the pick up dates for the pre-ordered Nokia E7 units are from March 26 to 28, 2011.

Pre-order Nokia E7 Link: