Halfbrick just released their addictive game Fruit Ninja at the Ovi Store. It's one of the best games out there that was first released for iOS and then to Symbian^3. However, it lacks multitouch support even the OS supports it. It doesn't also have the multiplayer mode, so you can't play with your friends. We hope that Halfbrick will release an update and add those features. The game also lags sometimes, but it's unnoticeable.

Alright guys, it seems Rovio Mobile wants their game in 'sync' with all platforms. So if App Store has Angry Birds Free, then Ovi Store have it, too. It was just released this day, if I'm not wrong.

Rovio Mobile silently released it's Angry Birds Seasons Free edition at the Ovi Store this week. Just like on the iOS version, it is composed of 9 levels all-in-all. You'll get 3 levels from the Seasons Greedings episode, 3 from the Trick or Treat episode, and then 3 from the Hogs and Kisses episode. However, there is no update feature for this one. So don't expect to get another 3 levels from the next episode on St. Patrick's Day that will launch in 21 days.

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